...because eye contact
makes the difference!

Natural eye contact in online meetings thanks to the Eyecatcher® – for better results and more professionalism.


Effective online meetings with natural eye contact thanks to the Eyecatcher®

The "Eyecatcher"® – your solution for authentic eye contact in video conferences! With compact dimensions of about 4,53 inch x 5,91 inch x 4,72 inch (11.5 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm), this innovative device offers an impressive online experience without the use of additional electronics or software.

The camera is mounted on the Eyecatcher® above the screen. The innovative design and use of special glass create a deceptively real eye-contact simulation. Unlike conventional solutions where direct gaze into the camera is required to establish eye contact in an online meeting, the Eyecatcher allows for an unrestricted view of your counterpart's facial expressions and gestures. This harmonious combination of eye contact and non-verbal communication gives your interactions a new dimension.

Use the Eyecatcher® to elevate your presence in video conferences to the next level. Create the impression that you are looking directly into your conversation partner's eyes without having to miss out on their facial expressions and gestures. Your communication becomes not only more effective but also more natural.

Optimize your online meetings with the Eyecatcher® – for a lasting and compelling impression in every virtual interaction.

Jürgen Birnkraut

Founder & Owner

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Eye contact in online meetings

How does the
Eyecatcher® work in practice?

The eye contact, which is often missing in online meetings, now becomes a reality – thanks to the innovative Eyecatcher®. Typically, the camera is placed to the left, right, or above the display, while the face of the conversation partner appears in the center.

While we look at our counterpart on the screen, they get the impression that we are looking down from above and lack full attention. The mutual glances miss each other.

This affects concentration, relationship building, and the professional atmosphere. Ultimately, it leaves a suboptimal impression on the other person. The Eyecatcher® revolutionizes this situation with a novel design that allows direct and unrestricted eye contact. Rely on professionalism, closeness, and effectiveness in every online meeting – thanks to the innovative Eyecatcher®.


Advantages of the Eyecatcher®
at a glance:

  • Professional impression due to eye contact
  • Increased attention and engagement
  • More trust and credibility
  • Better understanding
  • Personal connection
  • Inclusion of all participants
  • No additional electronics needed
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Replaces gadgets like the teleprompter
  • Suitable for many applications (e.g., online presentations, video blogs, interviews, training sessions)


Product Packages

The „eyecatcher pro“ Paket: eyecatcher + Monitor

available at the price of 297€

including VAT, plus shipping costs

The „eyecatcher pro“ Paket für 2 Personen (Paketinhalt verdoppelt)

available at the price of 590€

including VAT, plus shipping costs


"Eye contact is a fundamental mechanism of human social interaction. It is a key feature in communication that sends non-verbal signals and strengthens empathy and relationships."

Daniel Goleman, former lecturer in clinical psychology at Harvard University, editor of Psychology Today magazine, and editor for psychology and neuroscience at the New York Times.


Jürgen Birnkraut

Jürgen Birnkraut, the developer of the Eyecatcher®, held various positions focusing on presentations throughout his career. Among other roles, he held a leading position in a renowned media agency, where he exhibited at numerous trade fairs both domestically and internationally, such as COMDEX in Las Vegas and CeBIT in Hanover. In this role, he was responsible for developing and implementing creative presentation concepts to effectively communicate the brand message at the trade fair. The topic of (online) presentations was consistently at the forefront of his work:

  • Training and process management consulting
  • Extensive training activities in the field of process management
  • Advising clients on efficient process optimization
  • Department Head of Customer Service: Training management and customer care
  • Establishment and management of the REMA Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Leipzig
  • Since 2014: Process manager at SWM (municipal energy provider)

These experiences and his management expertise quickly showed him the importance of clear and professional communication, especially in online meetings. Since he couldn't find a satisfactory solution to the problem of missing eye contact himself, he developed the Eyecatcher®.